YappyDog Software

Creating the adaptive website you need!


YappyDog Software was started in the Seattle area in 2001, co-founded by an elementary school teacher and a programmer to create web based tools for educators. There were products for teachers (Week In Review, Report Card Comments, and AssignmentTracker), and products for students (MathFacts, Spelling Challenge). All of them had a database backend. Each allowed the teacher to customize and use them as they saw fit. Teachers were able to subscribe on an annual basis to any or all of the products offered for an extremely low price. At that time, the business was only hoping to cover the cost of the backend server, and help out teachers by automating many of their repetitive tasks. At its peak, there were a hundreds of subscribers from school districts around the world, all attracted by word of mouth.

In the corporate world, I spent 20 years building and maintaining websites connected to different databases. In addition, I've built a number of sites for family, friends, and non-profits.

Today, YappyDog Software is based on Maui and still creates adaptive web design (AWD) sites. If you're interested, please contact us using either the phone number at the bottom of all the pages, or the form on the contact us page.