Jan 16, 2019
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Time and Technology. Teachers need more time. Technology can help with the repetitive tasks that consume so much of a teacher's valuable time.

Those two ideas were the basis for starting YappyDog Software. We believe that technology can improve upon, speed up and simplify a lot of the work (i.e. grading, math timings, tracking assignments, ...) that teachers do day in and day out.

Our products were initially tested and refined at a school district in NW Washington by many teachers and hundreds of students. We are constantly striving to make our products better, and we work directly with our users to incorporated their suggestions for improvements to our products. The end result is a set of products that really work well for both the teacher and the students. They also meet the criteria mentioned above (improve upon, speed up, simplify). And, because our products are available on the internet, you're always using the latest version and they can be accessed at school, at home; anywhere there is an internet connection.

We don't advertise. Instead, we rely on teachers who are happy with our products sharing the information with other teachers. This helps us keep our costs low, but it also means that if you heard about us, it's probably because one of our subscribers thought enough of our products to recommend them to you. Click here to read what our users say about us.

Effective August 2015, we are no longer accepting new subscriptions for any of our products. Thank you for supporting us for the past 13 years.

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