Jan 16, 2019
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Week In Review     WEEK IN REVIEW
Looking for an effective tool to manage assignments? Want an easy way to share this information with the parents? What better way to keep the lines of communication with parents open than with a weekly, monthly, or even daily report. Parents are kept in the know, kids are held accountablefor their behavior and for completing assignments. That's the way it's supposed to be, but who has time to keep track of everything?

Wondering which students have turned in which assignments? How many late or missing assignments has a student had this week or quarter or semester? Which students have turned in all their work on time? Have there been any students that haven't missed any assignments? Any that never turned in any late? Wouldn't it be great if you had a fast, easy way to get the answers to all these questions?

With the Week in Review tool, you set up your assignment list and when each one is due. Assignments are associated with a grade and a teacher (this takes care of those of you with a multi-grade classroom). When it is time to check-in assignments, you pick a date range and you're ready to go. Your class roster is presented down the left hand side of the page, by grade if appropriate. The assignments with due dates that fall within your selected date range are shown across the top of the page. All assignments which have already been checked in show their checked-in date. Colors indicate whether or not they were on time or late. Missing assignments are indicated by an empty checkbox. Click on the checkbox for all assignments that you're checking in, press the Update button and you're done for the day. Need to make a correction to one that's already been checked in? Just click on the date and change it. It doesn't get much easier than that. Sample Check-In Page

At the end of the week (or any time period), you generate a status report that can be sent home and signed by the parents. Choose from pre-defined comments (defined by you) that give an idea of the students performance. The report automatically calculates and shows how many late assignments and how many missing assignments (and what they are) each student had. You can type in blanket comments that will appear on each students report. You can type in extra individual comments for each student. If you have a signature image, the system can even sign the report for you. Sample Report

The status report is just one of the reports you can generate based upon the collected data. There are many more which are extremely valuable when it comes time to do student evaluations or report cards. All of them are date range driven, so you can use them in many, many ways. Report List

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